Керн терьеры – Москва и Санкт-Петербург!


Our private kennel of cairn terriers welcomes you on our website. Here you can find information about cairn terriers from our kennel. We live in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow, Russia. Our kennel is registered in RKF-FCI. Our prime directive is to get great cairns and make this breed more and more popular in Russia! We all have one love - cairns!


Alekta Prima Neomarica — Junior Champion of Estonia, Best Junior, judge -Horst Kliebenstein, Germany


Alekta Prima Neomarica — The Junior Champion Of Europe

ALEKTA PRIMA NEOMARICA (  Ch Alekta Prima Ivan X Ch Alekta Prima Bentley ) - The Junior Champion  Of Europe


ALEKTA PRIMA CLEOPATRA -International Champion! 7 CACIB!

ALEKTA PRIMA CLEOPATRA ( Ch Alekta Prima Genger Original Glory   X   Ch Alekta Prima Valissa) - International Champion!

Owner - Luidmila Belyaeva.



Alekta Prima Lavanda — Junior Champion of Russia

ALEKTA PRIMA LAVANDA (CH  Rottriver s Take Thet X   CH  Alekta Prima Eva Bogema)  - JCH Russia!

owner - Irina Vasileva


2/02/2012 Alekta Prima Neomarica — Best Baby

Judge -  O. Kosareva (RUS)

Alekta Prima Neomarica ( CH  Alekta Prima Ivan   X     CH  Alekta Prima Bentley)